Canada invites you to explore its spectacular landscapes, rich in fauna and flora.  As the second largest country in surface area in the world, and the last frontier before the North Pole, Canada’s immense size and diverse scenery often leaves its travelers in awe.  Spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific and as far north as the Arctic, Canada offers a unique variety of climates, sites, and cultures.  From colorful warm summers to snowy cold winters, discover Canada’s myriad of lakes and rivers, massive forests, mountainous peaks, snowy banks, extensive coastline, and array of wildlife.


This nation of hockey and syrup, of lobster and outdoor sports, however, is to be experienced as much with the heart as it is with the eyes.  While its grandiose scenery impresses through subliminal beauty, it’s the rich Canadian culture and warm welcoming people that will make your experience unforgettable.

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Eastern Canada

Neighboring provinces Quebec and Ontario are complimentary to one another, and yet, quite different.  The latter, predominantly an Anglophone province, is home to the famous Niagara Falls.  The former, France’s cousin in both language and culture, proudly shares with its visitors its countless lakes and forests.  See the Saint Lawrence River where, at its mouth, numerous whales, belugas, and dolphins dwell.


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The Far North

Adventure with a capital A awaits beyond the arctic circle!  Out west lies the Yukon, Alaska’s neighbor, with its caribou herds and regional languages nestled within its glacial valleys.  Further inland explore the Hudson Bay and its numerous polar bears.  And to the north, Nunavut, home to the Inuit Tribes, where human encounters are as rare as they are precious.


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The Maritimes

Out east, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland make up the Maritime Provinces, a region with a rich and unique cultural heritage.  From the braying moose to the singing whales, from the coastal cliffs to the pinewood forests, the Maritimes are little explored, and yet…

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Western Canada

The Rocky Mountains, America’s backbone and crowned jewel of the West, include the famous Banff and Jasper National Parks, linked together via the renowned Icefields Parkway.   Further west, the Canadian coastline dives into the Pacific Ocean with its numerous islands just beyond the bustling city of Vancouver.


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