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From its vast unscathed landscapes to its bustling urban capitals, the United States offers an assortment of interesting places and attractions.  As a nation where massive skyscrapers flirt with the stars, where desserts stretch for endless miles beyond the horizon, and where boundless green forests intertwine with deep blue lakes, it’s this extraordinary limitlessness that continues to draw its many visitors.

But living the American Dream also means taking a dive into the U.S.’s incredible melting-pot history.  Follow the steps of its First Nations people.  Conquer the old West, ever omnipresent in today’s modern world.  Cruise down the world famous Route 66, or coast along the renowned Blues Highway.  Experience the bustling pace of New York City, Las Vegas, or San Francisco… all adventures that only the United States could offer.

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Non-continental USA

The Hawaiian Islands, its beaches filled with sunbathers and thrill-seeking surfers alike, are nestled in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Across the globe we find the Bahamas, the doorway to the Caribbean, with its famous turquoise waters and countless marine wildlife.  Finally, in the Great White North, Alaska, perfect for extreme adventure seekers willing to travel beyond the Arctic Circle.


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Witness to the first European settlers, the North East is a gem for those seeking exceptional urban architecture and eclectic city atmospheres like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C.  And yet, New England will amaze its visitors with its beautiful, intimate landscapes.


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Florida and Louisiana are two unique and charming regions of the Deep South.  From alligators to dolphins, from the Bayou to the Everglades, experience a tropical adventure like nowhere else in the U.S.  And don’t forget Miami’s festive cosmopolitan atmosphere, or Florida’s famous theme parks where adults and children alike can partake in the family fun!


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America’s backbone, the Rocky Mountains, and its surrounding desserts have provided the United States with some of the world’s most spectacular National Parks:  Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Death Valley…the West is an incredibly rich, unique, and natural reservoir.


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