The company


Founded in 1998, Toundra Voyages Inc has become NORTH AMERICA’s go-to receptive agency in customized independent travel. Toundra’s flexible, responsive approach, very close to the ground and its clients, ensures exceptional customer service, competitive prices, and attractive products.

Our Mission

Toundra’s mission is to create and organize tailor-made travel and select, adapt and personalize tourist experiences in North America for tourism professionals, while delivering quality service and advice through a team of destination experts.

Our Values

Toundra Voyages’ values reflect five states of mind shared by each one of us, to serve you better.


We all have a little touch of craziness that drives us in the Toundra Galaxy! We see the future in rosy hues and that’s why we DARE!


Attentiveness, flexibility and commitment ensure a win-win relationship!


Confidence and openness with our partners, confidence in the future and confidence in our team—a state of mind that has brought us to where we are today.


Kindness and courtesy form an integral part of our DNA, and our strength lies in diversity.
All team members can achieve their full potential in a respectful, tolerant and pleasant work environment.


True happiness lies in sharing. We are passionate about sharing unique, unforgettable moments that bring such joy in living the Toundrigo spirit.


Toundra Voyages’ specialty:

Constantly meeting our clients’ expectations

Toundra Voyages is committed to providing impeccable customer service systematically focused on client / agency satisfaction.

Meeting our clients’ general expectations is an integral part of our missions. We strive each day to exceed these expectations and we continue to stand out in each service we provide.

Our expertise rests on 6 commitments to our clients:


Responsiveness, Effectiveness and Flexibility in our actions and the various requests


Competitiveness in the rates offered


Advice on the choice of services, suppliers and itineraries


New program features


Availability (presence) for travellers + availability in the services offered


Exclusivity in certain offerings / services provided

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