25 years of partnerships focused on sustainable tourism

Our anniversary is an opportunity to salute the relationships of trust and loyalty we maintain with our suppliers. As essential business partners, they are a key factor in the success of Toundra Voyages. To celebrate our quarter-century and our commitment to Travelife certification, we wanted to highlight some of our most eco-responsible suppliers in North America. Providers we’ll be recommending to you again and again for your travels!  


Station Boréale

Station Boréale – Val D’Or 


Station Boréale is Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s first glamping resort! Located on the shores of Lac Montigny in Val d’Or, 8 domes were built in June. Already owners of the Siscoe golf course, Sébastien and Pierre conceived Station Boréale on the wooded green. Committed to a 100% eco-responsible approach, this pretty glamping site has it all. The materials used to build the domes are local and sustainable, as are all the items supplied. From mattresses to kitchen utensils and cozy comforters, it’s all made in Abitibi or Quebec. Unlike other accommodations of its kind, Station Boréale goes even further, offering solid soap for dishes and bulk household products. The same policy applies to the delicious breakfasts served to travelers, a veritable digest of local produce.

Designed to accommodate 4 people, with a mezzanine bed – perfect for visitors under 1.75 m tall – and a retractable bed, each dome offers every comfort. These igloo-like clones are available for booking all year round. Station Boréale uses underfloor heating to diffuse warmth in winter, and an eco-pump system that’s more responsible than heated complaints. Ideal for couples, friends or families with children aged 6 and over, this newcomer to Abitibi also offers a restaurant overlooking the marina and a range of water sports activities. In the medium term, the family is likely to expand to welcome more holidaymakers in search of an authentic, off-the-beaten-track experience. A favorite of Aurélie, our Quality Manager, Station Boréale invites you to fall asleep under a starry sky!



Gite le Bellevue

Le Bellevue Gite Moderne – Wakefield  


Set into the rocky side of a hill in the Outaouais region, Le Bellevue is aptly named. All four rooms feature spacious private balconies with breathtaking mountain views. Whatever the season, you’ll feel as if you’re blending into the boreal forest, with birds and deer as your only neighbors. This charming establishment in the heart of nature is committed to preserving it by promoting a zero-waste attitude. Here, almost all items are reusable or compostable, and travelers are encouraged to adopt good practices during their stay. A commendable eco-responsible approach, complemented by a focus on local produce for morning snacks. Just a stone’s throw away from this nugget, you can enjoy the ski slopes in winter, or bike rides in summer.

And that’s not all! The picturesque village of Wakefield, home to Le Bellevue, is also the starting point for an original nature activity: Parc Éco-Odyssée. How does it work? This 6km water labyrinth invites visitors to cruise peacefully by pedalo, paddle or canoe, through 64 intersections. Immersive, fun and peaceful, the Éco-Odyssée experience leads participants on a quest to find clues and answer a mystery question about the beaver’s ecosystem and habitat. The park is open both day and night, for sunsets and moonlit walks. In winter, the park is transformed into a giant skating rink for the whole family. So, for us, it’s a perfect weekend in the Outaouais region, just a few kilometers from Ottawa!



Mount Logan Ecolodge – Haines Junction


A veritable jewel of preserved nature, the Yukon is doing much to protect its wide-open spaces. At Toundra, Fanny, our Purchasing Manager, has a special place in her heart for the magnificent Mount Logan Ecolodge. An architectural nugget in the Yukon, proudly standing at the foot of Kluane National Park, the establishment shines for its incomparable welcome and, above all, its commitment to sustainable tourism. Renowned for its fine dining, the establishment sources all its produce locally and ethically, and goes even further by growing its own seasonal vegetable garden. Determined to minimize its impact on the environment, the hotel takes care to recycle and consume water and energy resources responsibly. After extensive renovations, the Mount Logan Ecolodge reopened its doors in September.

Here, you can spend the night in a comfortable yurt, in a mini-chalet, in rooms within the lodge, or in a converted school bus! Summer and winter alike, the Finnish sauna is also available, as are numerous activities such as dog sledding, rafting on the Dezadeash River and mountain hiking. Located on the territory of the Tutchone people, the ecolodge plays an active role in providing employment and creating economic opportunities for the local population. Mount Logan also encourages visitors to learn more about the rich history of the lands and landscapes in which they live, through interpretive programs. It’s the ideal resort for travelers wishing to support sustainable and responsible tourism. Bonus? The lucky ones can catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights… from the terrace!



Zion Mountain Ranch – Mt Carmel 

Zion Mountain Ranch – Mt Carmel 


Zion Mountain Ranch invites travelers to slow down. This historic, authentic establishment nestles on a secluded plateau in the American West, where it’s good to take your time. Ideally located just a few miles from the National Park of the same name, this western ranch offers both self-contained lodges on the property, as well as beautifully appointed rooms with sitting areas and fireplaces. With a local and sustainable approach, Zion Mountain Ranch honors its primary function with a simple philosophy: from farm to table! The Cordwood restaurant prepares a daily menu featuring organic produce grown on the ranch’s greenhouses. You can savour this sustainable production on the terrace, immersed in a film set, watching the neighboring bison graze peacefully. Yes, not to spoil the experience, the ranch is home to a nature reserve of these giants of the plains.

At Toundra, we love the notion of total disconnection that surrounds this Utah accommodation. Nature abounds on the farm, and it’s not uncommon to come across ducks, rabbits and deer on the way to the restaurant. The tranquility, the rustic Wild West decor and the magnificent scenery in all seasons are all reasons to stay here. Holidaymakers looking for a more active stay will find plenty to do, with guided hikes in Zion National Park or the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, just 40 minutes away. Learned cowboys, meanwhile, can set off on long horseback rides from the ranch, while two-wheeled enthusiasts can explore the surrounding area by bike. For us, this is a resort that ticks a lot of boxes, and the right ones!



Mouton Plantation - Lafayette 

Mouton Plantation – Lafayette 


Louisiana’s history is intrinsically linked to that of the plantations. Today, many of them have been transformed into Bed & Breakfasts and charming hotels. A good way to preserve these historic places, like Mouton Plantation and its magnificent Creole building. Built in 1820, the building was restored and listed on the National Register of Historic Homes before welcoming its first travelers. A member of the Preservation Alliance of Lafayette, the home welcomes visitors who become involved in heritage conservation. Let’s not forget that sustainable and responsible tourism doesn’t only rhyme with the environment, Mouton Plantation is a fine example of an authentic structure that favors local communities.

Here, antique furnishings from the time of the Acadians deported to Louisiana in the 18th century add character without appearing stuffy. The 8 rooms are decorated with care. Ideally nestled on a quiet street in the historic Sterling Grove district of downtown Lafayette, the garden establishment offers a peaceful bubble for vacationers. The welcome is warm, the cleanliness impeccable, and the breakfast delicious. Of course, the traditional Louisiana Cajun flavors are on the menu for this morning snack. At Toundra, we love the plush charm of the Maison Mouton and the romantic atmosphere that hangs in the air all year round. Without a doubt, an ideal vacation spot for a couple.


The Stockade – Baton Rouge 

The Stockade – Baton Rouge 


The elegant Stockade Bed and Breakfast is a well-kept secret. Not far from Mayfair Park, in the university town of Baton Rouge, it has taken up residence in a large hacienda-like property. Like the Mounton Plantation in Lafayette, the building is on the National Register of Historic Homes, having played an important role in the American Civil War. Today, Stockade B&B houses four classic rooms, each with private bathroom and fridge, and a large family suite, all decorated with period furnishings and original artwork. The scars of the Civil War have given way to charming accommodation, managed with a velvet hand by the sunny Janice and her warm welcome.

Guests are invited to start their day with a succulent breakfast with a southern accent. A morning snack to be enjoyed in the lounge or on the terrace, before continuing free of charge to the fully-equipped gym across the street, for those who wish. Mother Nature embraces this gem of a property, which has even been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a prime habitat for local wildlife. Suffice to say that the garden surrounding the property is a paradise for lovers of green spaces and birdwatchers alike. In great demand all year round for private events (weddings, christenings, baby showers, birthdays…), we advise you to book well in advance.

Our business as an incoming operator puts us in the position of a travel assembler, and we take our mission to heart: to work hand in hand with our suppliers towards an increasingly sustainable and responsible offering. It’s a path that Toundra Voyages embarked upon several years ago, and one that we are pursuing with passion to build the tourism of tomorrow.


A HUGE thank you to our valued partners: Tourisme Outaouais, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Yukon, Travel Alberta, Brand USA and Toundrigo!