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A new Sales Representative at Toundra!

Bethea Clarke has made a remarkable entrance into the ranks of Toundra Voyages. And rightly so: she's in charge of our agency's international development! To get to know her more, we asked her a few questions about her role at...

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Jean Christophe Viard - 25 ans de Toundra

25 years of history for Toundra

This year, Toundra Voyages blows out its 25ᵉ candle!   It's the story of a small receptive that became big, a team of passionate experts and a company that puts people at the heart of its vision. Since 1998, Toundra...

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With a surface area of almost 10 million km2, Canada is an immense playground for travelers. In every province, in every season, it's a destination that offers the beauty of the great outdoors and the art of living in contact...

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United States: 25 highlights not to be missed!

An epicenter of entertainment and excess, a land of a thousand landscapes, the United States is a destination of many possibilities. Whether it's an adventure trip to the far reaches of Arizona, a city break in the metropolises of the...

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25 years of partnerships focused on sustainable tourism

Our anniversary is an opportunity to salute the relationships of trust and loyalty we maintain with our suppliers. As essential business partners, they are a key factor in the success of Toundra Voyages. To celebrate our quarter-century and our commitment...

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Selling North America in 2023

How to sell North America in 2023?   At Toundra Voyages, our B2B consultants work hard to build a 100% customized trip for your customers. Comprehensive, well-trained and attentive to detail, our team of experts can produce tailor-made quotations in...

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laurence specialiste

Meet Laurence, our USA expert !

Laurence has been working at Toundra for almost a year as a remote development manager from her home in Los Angeles, where she's been living for the past 6 years. We caught up with her to talk about the challenges...

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Aurélie service qualité Toundra

Find out all about Toundra’s quality service!

A dispute, a problem with your booking, a poorly prepared itinerary? No travel agent likes to offer a holiday with these kinds of problems! With this in mind, Toundra set up its quality department almost 6 months ago. The keystone...

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