Luc en Famtour à Porto Rico


Sunshine, piña coladas, historic castles, beaches, nature reserves… Puerto Rico has everything you need for an excellent stay! Luc, who has been with Toundra’s B2C brand for almost two years, took off on a sunny famtour! For a week, from April 22 to 29, our Parcours Canada salesman was able to explore the island and discover exclusive products. For us, he looks back on this famtour and reveals what went on behind the scenes.


Porto Rico




Designed by the Puerto Rico Tourist Board and the wonderful Johanna Gonzalez, the famtour program was jam-packed! We managed to juggle hotel visits, city tours and local activities. However, given the amount of things to see on site, we concentrated on visiting San Juan, the capital, and the northeastern tip of the island towards Fajardo.

Right in the heart of the capital, you’ll find the district of Old San Juan, which is still strongly marked by the influence of the Spanish colonies, thanks in particular to the two castles located in Old San Juan:

  • Fort San Felipe del Morro: a 17th-century Spanish citadel
  • Castillo San Cristóbal: largest Spanish fort in America

Climbing up the walls of the Castillo San Cristobal, I was able to see the famous La Perla district, which was the setting for Luis Fonsi’s Despacito video! One of the guides told me that the video’s broadcast had been a real springboard for Puerto Rican tourism. On the other hand, he warned me against going alone in this district because of its insecurity, but it’s a district that’s still accessible when accompanied by guides for group visits.


Porto Rico




I’d advise you to spend at least 10 days on the island, to have enough time to visit the whole island. Then, as for the program, I’d say:

  • 2/3 nights in San Juan: take the time to visit Old San Juan, with its cobbled pedestrian streets and colourful houses still dating from the 17th century. It’s a city steeped in history and Hispanic culture.
  • 2/3 nights in the northeast of the island: this is the ideal place to relax on the island’s most beautiful beaches, but also to hike in El Yunque National Park. Here you’ll find endemic animals, waterfalls and lots of birds… a change of scenery guaranteed!
  • 2 nights maximum in the south-east of the island: the south is very different from the rest of the island. It’s a wild, desert territory where you’ll find cacti and various plantations.
  • 2 nights in the west: this is THE region of choice for surfers, as it’s where the ocean is roughest and therefore ideal for surfing holidays.

In other words, San Juan remains the main city in which to spend most of your time during a stay in Puerto Rico, and the other cities are stops to choose from. In my opinion, the best option is to do a loop along the entire Puerto Rican coast.


Porto Rico




Winter is definitely the perfect time to visit Puerto Rico! As in the Caribbean, the dry season extends from November to May, while the rainy and hurricane season takes place during the summer, which is why summer should be avoided at all costs!

A destination for everyone

As for who to suggest the destination to, I’d say it’s a destination suited to all profiles, whether couples, families, young people or the elderly… However, it remains an expensive destination, since the cost of living is higher than in the Dominican Republic or Cuba, for example.

Nature at the heart of the island: no more mass tourism

I’d recommend the destination to all nature lovers and those who prefer to enjoy hiking and a warm local atmosphere rather than all-inclusive resorts and big clubs. If you’re looking to escape mass tourism, Puerto Rico is the place for you!

But that’s not to say there isn’t a festive atmosphere… Quite the contrary, it was at the heart of our stay! Puerto Ricans love to dance and drink piña colada – in fact, it’s the place where the cocktail was invented – and it’s also the place where you can find the famous Bacardi distillery. Speaking of which, the guides I met there, especially on the tour of the Bacardi house, are the best I’ve ever seen! They’re passionate about their country and culture, and that comes through in all the organized tours and makes the experience even better!


Pina colada Porto Rico


Autotour: the best way to visit the island

It’s the perfect destination for a self-drive tour. The roads are well-maintained and in good condition, and everything is accessible by car. In my opinion, Puerto Rico lends itself more to self-touring than to a public transport itinerary, because yes, there is public transport, but the towns are pretty poorly served by buses.

In short, the ideal profile for a traveller to Puerto Rico is someone who drives, loves nature destinations and wants to be immersed in Puerto Rican culture!


Porto Rico




I’ve even got a top 4 list of my favourite activities to try out!

  1. The guided gastronomic tour of Old San Juan: the perfect way to learn more about Puerto Rican culture and local food.
  2. Bioluminescence kayaking in the mangroves: this is an unusual experience that takes place at night – it’s almost like being in Avatar!
  3. A visit to the Bacardi rum distillery: a complete tour of the Bacardi house, including a rum and cocktail workshop.
  4. Snorkeling on an island in the northeast: you take a boat out to the island, where you can fish and snorkel for sea turtles and, last but not least, eat right on the spot.




Finally, I’d like to mention the three things that made this trip so unique:

  • The hospitality of the people: a special mention to all the guides, who really passed on their passion for the island that is so dear to them.
  • The character of San Juan: the Old San Juan district made a particularly strong impression on me, and is definitely not to be missed on a trip to Puerto Rico.
  • The local food: the local cuisine is absolutely excellent! You can find specialties that revolve around plantains, rice and fish, and always with fresh produce. All in all, it’s a bit like Creole food, with lots of sauced and fried dishes. The good thing about Puerto Rico is that, since it’s an American territory, you can also find great American-style dinners with excellent meat!

Porto Rico


A combined trip between Puerto Rico and Quebec: the perfect holiday

The advice I’d give a friend for a perfect trip is to first visit Quebec for a week to take advantage of all the winter activities (sled dogs, snowmobiling, snowshoeing…) and then fly off to sunny Puerto Rico to warm up and make the most of it!


Porto Rico