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A new Sales Representative at Toundra!

Bethea Clarke has made a remarkable entrance into the ranks of Toundra Voyages. And rightly so: she's in charge of our agency's international development! To get to know her more, we asked her a few questions about her role at...

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Jean Christophe Viard - 25 ans de Toundra

25 years of history for Toundra

This year, Toundra Voyages blows out its 25ᵉ candle!   It's the story of a small receptive that became big, a team of passionate experts and a company that puts people at the heart of its vision. Since 1998, Toundra...

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Aurélie service qualité Toundra

Find out all about Toundra’s quality service!

A dispute, a problem with your booking, a poorly prepared itinerary? No travel agent likes to offer a holiday with these kinds of problems! With this in mind, Toundra set up its quality department almost 6 months ago. The keystone...

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laurence specialiste

Meet Laurence, our USA expert !

Laurence has been working at Toundra for almost a year as a remote development manager from her home in Los Angeles, where she's been living for the past 6 years. We caught up with her to talk about the challenges...

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